Exercise In Pregnancy

Pregnant women in an exercise class

Exercise is encouraged in all healthy pregnancies. It is recommended that pregnant women perform 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week, at a moderate intensity. Resistance (strength) training at least twice a week is also recommended.

Exercise during pregnancy has been shown to have many benefits for both the mother and baby, including:

  • Maintaining fitness, mobility and strength
  • Improving posture as your body changes shape
  • Helping to manage the rigours of pregnancy and birth more easily
  • Reducing the incidence of pelvic girdle and low back pain in pregnancy
  • Helping to manage gestational diabetes
  • Reducing the incidence of maternal depression and anxiety
  • Improving sleep
  • Improving birth outcomes for your baby

Unfortunately, many women stop exercising in pregnancy for various reasons. This can include worries that exercise will harm their baby, being unsure how to exercise safely during pregnancy, or concerns that their usual exercise hurts or feels wrong.

A Women’s Health Physiotherapist can provide advice and 1:1 coaching on appropriate exercise during pregnancy. You may be able to continue your current exercise regime, sometimes with modifications. This will also depend on how much and what type of exercise you are accustomed to performing.

There are certain conditions during pregnancy that may prevent you exercising. Exercises lying on the back for prolonged periods should not be performed after 16 weeks. Certain other exercise types are also not safe to continue in pregnancy. Consult your treating doctor or Women’s Health Physiotherapist for further advice.

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