Pregnancy Exercise Classes

A Pregnany Exercise class

Exercise is recommended during pregnancy for the beneficial effects it offers for both you and your baby. However, many pregnant women feel unsure about the type of exercise they can do safely during pregnancy. Others feel that the type of exercise they do usually no longer feels right during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Exercise Classes at Life Cycle Physiotherapy will help you continue to exercise safely and get through pregnancy feeling fit and healthy. Pregnancy Exercise Classes are Pilates-informed classes focussing on improving posture, maintaining core support and strengthening of the upper and lower body, to help you get through pregnancy and start motherhood in good shape. Pregnancy Exercise Classes are also a great option for women with low back and pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy – research has shown exercise helps women to manage and recover from back and pelvic pain in the childbearing year.

What’s the Life Cycle Physiotherapy difference?

There are lots of pregnancy classes around – so why choose Life Cycle Physio?

Our Pregnancy Exercise Classes are run by a Titled Women’s Health Physiotherapist and qualified Pilates instructor, Jenny Phillips. Jenny understands the changes that occur during pregnancy, and the specific needs of pregnant women, and has designed the classes accordingly. She can show you how modify exercises if you have particular problems, or how to take things up a level if you are ready to progress. Therefore, you know you are exercising safely and effectively during pregnancy.

Before you start Pregnancy Exercise Classes, we require you to have a 30-minute screening assessment with our Women’s Health Physiotherapist. This is a chance to check how your pregnancy is progressing, if you have any particular problems you would like to work on, and teach you about core stability in pregnancy and general pregnancy exercise guidelines. If you have private health insurance, you are required to have an individualised assessment before starting classes in order to claim under your Physiotherapy cover. You will also require medical clearance from your Obstetrician, GP or midwife (download the medical clearance form). Pregnancy Exercise Classes can be started from the start of the second trimester onwards.

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We look forward to helping you have a healthy and fit pregnancy!

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Jenny Phillips is a Titled Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapist. She offers skilled advice and management for all types of pelvic floor and pre- and post-natal problems.

Life Cycle Physiotherapy also offers exercise classes and 1:1 exercise sessions for women at all stages of life, including pregnancy and postnatal classes.

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