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Returning to exercise after having your baby is important to restore your physical health and fitness and also for your mental health. However, pregnancy and delivery can change your body a lot. It is important to return to exercise in a gradual and safe way to give your body time to recover and build up your strength and fitness again. Many women also struggle to find the time for exercise after having a baby, as they juggle all of the demands of motherhood.

Mums and Bubs Group Exercise Classes are the perfect way to return to exercise after having your baby!

Mums and Bubs Group Exercise Classes focus on restoring core strength, including helping women with abdominal muscle separation (diastasis rectus abdominis). There is also a focus on strengthening the upper and lower body – helpful for all the lifting and carrying you have to do as a Mum. Stretching all of those tight, sore areas is also included. Best of all, you get to bring your baby with you, so you don’t have to worry about finding child-minding while you exercise!

Why Mums and Bubs Group Exercise Classes at Life Cycle Physiotherapy?

At Life Cycle Physiotherapy, our classes are run by Jenny Phillips, who is a Titled Women’s Health Physiotherapist and a qualified Pilates instructor, Jenny Phillips.

Jenny will see you for a 1:1 assessment before starting Mums and Bubs Group Exercise Classes to understand how your delivery and postnatal recovery may impact on your ability to exercise. She will discuss your specific goals with you, and help you work towards getting back to the things you love to do. Those with private health insurance require this 1:1 assessment before starting classes in order to claim under your Physiotherapy cover. However, we recommend all women have this assessment as each pregnancy and delivery will bring new challenges.

While Mums and Bubs Group Exercise Classes are run in a group setting, we understand every woman has different needs and challenges during their postnatal recovery. You will be shown how to modify exercises to make them easier or progress exercises appropriately for more challenge depending on your specific individual needs, so you are always exercising at a level that is right for you.

Unlike some other mums and babies classes, our Mums and Bubs Group Exercise Classes don’t use your baby as a “prop”. For many women, adding the load of their baby during exercise can put too much strain on their necks, backs or pelvic floor. You carry your baby around all day, so at Life Cycle Physiotherapy, we understand this is your time to exercise. Babies are most welcome on the floor next to you, or in their pram or capsule (or Jenny often carries them around as she instructs the class) so you can see them at all times.

Mums and Bubs Group Exercise Classes are suitable for women from 4-6 weeks postnatal (depending on delivery type and complications).

Book your pre-class assessment.

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We look forward to helping you get back to exercise and a healthy lifestyle after your baby.

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