Mastitis (inflammation of the breast tissue) can be treated by a Women’s Health Physio.

Mastitis is an inflammatory condition of the breast, which usually occurs in breast-feeding women, but can occur during pregnancy as well. The affected breast(s) will become acutely tender, hot, red and swollen, and the woman may complain of flu-like symptoms.

Mastitis often occurs due to some kind of change to normal feeding or milk flow patterns. Skipping or dropping a feed, a sick baby or tight clothing digging into the breasts are possible triggers.

It is important to remember that mastitis is an inflammatory reaction, but NOT necessarily related to an infection, therefore antibiotics are not always needed. There are a number of other treatment options available. Rest is important for recovery. Gentle handling and massage of the breast in specific ways, as well as ultrasound treatment can all be helpful.

A Women’s Health Physio can provide these treatment options.

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