Exercise for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant women exercising with gym balls.

The importance of exercise and the beneficial effects it has for our health and well-being are well known. Did you know this is just as applicable for pregnant women as for everyone else?

Gone are the days when pregnancy was seen as a time of “confinement” when women were told to rest for the duration of their pregnancy. Research now conclusively shows that exercise should be encouraged for the majority of pregnant women, with only a very few needing to limit or cease exercise for medical reasons.

Have a listen to the interview I did with the fabulous Dr Chris Sexton, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, as he talks about exercise in pregnancy.

(Download MP4 - 18.4 MB)

As Dr Sexton mentions, there are many benefits of exercising in pregnancy, including maintaining or improving fitness, improving sleep, helping to improve back and pelvic girdle pain and helping you cope with the physical demands of pregnancy and labour. Pregnant women should aim to do 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise and 2 strength-training sessions per week.

A Women’s Health Physio can help guide you on how to continue exercising in pregnancy if you feel unsure. Pregnancy exercise classes run by a Women’s Health Physio are also one great way to keep exercising during pregnancy.

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